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Phireserve is now taking SentryBay’s flagship products out to the organisations and individuals concerned with security. These are also well suited where corporations want to allow their users and partners to access systems remotely from non-managed PC’s or mobile devices in a secure way.

We are currently looking for value add resellers in all regions, please contact us to find out more.

What is SentryBay

SentryBay has a track record of solving key security challenges, including some of the core building blocks needed to secure mobile and loT - where the number and type of attack surfaces are expanding exponentially. These technologies are patented and used within proprietary products - as well as licensed to industry leaders in banking, e-commerce, enterprise, telecommunications and even IT security companies.

Armored Client for Citrix

SentryBay's Armored Client for Citrix uses multi-patented technology which stands up to scrutiny. This reassures regulatory compliance officers that by allowing non-managed PC s to be used remotely to access Citrix, the companies still meets with any industry governance criteria.

The Armored Client securely wraps the Citrix receiver - providing key endpoint and browser security for connections to XenDesktop and XenApp installations. The solution overcomes existing security threats such as keylogging, screen capture/session videoing, browser vulnerabilities, DNS poisoning and session hijacking.

The Armored Client is extremely cost effective and allows organizations to quickly and easily deploy corporate Citrix desktops and applications to any managed and unmanaged PC without concerns. The solution protects the entire Citrix session from logon authentication to closing down. Once the armoured Citrix session is closed down, no traces of that session footprint remain on the endpoint device.

Secure Browsing - Armored Browser

For PC
SentryBay have developed the most advanced browser based software application for securely accessing web services and conducting transactions. The Armored Browser technology is used by some of the world's leading financial institutions.

This solution knits together a unique mix of technologies to create a secure environment for connecting and transacting via the web. In effect it creates an isolated, protected environment in which malware cannot run/intercept/interfere with the user connection to the web service. Its mixture of the dynamic creation of a separate one time user, separate desktop session, embedded anti-keylogging, leave no trace operation and locked-down, point to point browser provides the sort of software based security long desired by leading financial institutions and security conscious enterprises.

For Mobile
SentryBay SentryBay have developed browsers for Android and IOS which incorporate a range of technologies that provide more secure connections to the Internet. These solutions are used by both consumer solutions and e-banking providers to protect and transact more securely from mobile devices. Many of these technologies can also be embedded as components within third party apps via a SDK.

Data Protection Suite

SentryBay's Data Protection Suite protects users from key logging and phishing attacks while browsing any website with any browser. This addresses Online banking fraud, card-not-present fraud as well as ID and user credential theft (such as account takeover fraud).

The solution operates on multiple layers in the operating system, protecting every keystroke entered and preventing screen captures. Phishing protection is through updated blacklists as well as from techniques where software is trained on major brands potentially targeted by phishing attacks. This provides protection against new phishing attacks in real-time

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