GDPR Comply

Global Distributor

GDPR Comply strives to help organisations remove the confusion around your regulatory commitment to comply with the GDPR regulation and clearly understand the impact it will have on your business. GDPR Comply not only highlights where the risk from potential fines lie, but also the way process changes will impact day to day operations.

GDPR Comply works with partners to provide white label services to help their customers prepare and implicate the changes required to become compliant with the GDPR regulations being enforced in May 2018.

Services available:

Initial Assessments – Is GDPR relevant to your customer

Outsourced DPO (Data Protection Officer) – becomes the nominated and ‘semi-independent’ individual required for GDPR.

Full Managed Service – full compliance lifecycle managed services to ensure your business becomes compliant and remains compliant.

Breach Assistance – in the event of a breach, GDPR Comply can assist in the key actions and communication required to report the breach within the timescales. GDPR Comply also assists in identifying the breach and advising on how to prevent a reoccurrence.

Audit – a range of audit services that address the regulation requirements for ongoing audits of policies, procedures and technology usage. These audits highlight any key areas of risk and provide recommended remediation plans.

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