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More than ever, people are connected. Users expect the freedom to access their corporate environment from anywhere on any device. IT, on the other hand, needs to make sure that corporate data is secure while enabling users to stay productive.

deviceTRUST provides the context information you need to apply conditional access to your corporate resources which meets your compliance, security and regulatory requirements with the experience your users expect.

With deviceTRUST you have the information to define context-aware policies based on the device, the location, the network, the security state and the user. This ensures that your corporate data is secure, while your people roam between devices and locations.

Simple. Dynamic. Integrated.

Simple - Access local machine and remote device context using local environment variables or registry lookup, over any network, with no additional infrastructure.
Dynamic - Changes on the context are kept up to date and trigger an immediate action.
Integrated - Context is written to the Windows Event Log for easy integration within existing SIEM and reporting solutions.

More than 300 context aware properties

A rich set of easily consumable properties of the local machine and remote connected device

  • Location
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • User Experience

Download the Data Sheet or watch the deviceTRUST in a Nutshell video

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